Caleb Osasona is the CEO of Roos Expo Limited - an hybrid consulting company with just 5 staff and within 2 years rose exponentially to over 61 personnel.
Osasona is internationally recognised as a Visualiser, Creative Artist, Certified Therapist/Counselor, Minister of the Word Entrepreneur with over a decade of successful practice.
In 2007, he drew global attention as the creator of Nigeria’s first ever Music Business Aggregator named ‘MusicBusinessTools’ for the entertainment industry at a time digital content distribution was at its embryo phase. He studied Theatre Arts in the University of Portharcourt in River State and then proceeded to Sprache Schule, Germany and Lund University, Sweden respectively.
Osasona has participated and headlined solo and group Art Exhibitions in United Kingdom, Germany, Nigeria, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Cameron.
His distinctive personal brand and style has been variously dubbed Africa’s T.D Jakes as he is known for delivering highly impactful speaking engagements for individuals and corporate brands seeking 360 degree Turn around, Peak performance, sustainability and Ethic centered profit.
Osasona is arguably one of the most sought after Art Therapist to high networth CEO’s within and outside the Africa continent.
A multi-disciplinary talent manager and creative investor, Caleb Osasona is Amazon’s bestselling Author of ‘Memory Power, Soul Soup For Relationships, WordShip, Soul Cookies For Him & Her, Untold Truths About The Holy Spirit and other highly rated works.
He is a 2003 Recipient of Africa Watch Awards and many others in recognition of his passion and dedication toward Youth Incubators and Non-profits organisations, championing Thought Leadership and Social change in the Africa continent.
Caleb Osasona loves travelling and enjoys Hungary’s Beef Goulash, Pounded Yam, Writing memoirs, empowering lives, Adventures, Lawn Tennis, Bird Watching and Volunteering. 

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